Thursday, September 15, 2011

Magnetic Chalkboards

I started with a Magnetic primer made by Rust-Oleum. They recommended 3 coats for a strong hold but after each coat I tested the magnet, and it took me 6 coats to achieve a good strong hold
The first one I did, I primed a board with the paint and the second one I painted straight onto the wall.

To get the chalk board paint, I mixed 1 cup of latex paint any color with 2 tablespoons of non-sanded tile grout. (Can be picked up at Home Depot or hardware store)

Cupcakes and Polkadots Craft Room

Recently I have been on a kick to get creative before the girls started back to school. It started with the idea I wanted to get the girls hair bows for school... then realized I was capable of making them much more inexpensive than buying them from the store. Then I thought... it would be nice to spice up thier rooms with something fun to so I painted magnetic chalkboards for them to hang stuff and write note reminders. While on this kick I started getting emails asking to show how to make the hair bows. This lead to the idea why not start a class and teach the stuff I love to do. This is how the Cupcakes and Polkadots Craft Room was born. I'm very excited to see others people getting creative and the response has been wonderful. I love being able to share tips and ideas with others! Here's to being CRAFTY!

Here are some of the things we've done so far...
This was our Hair Bow Class, four basic bows, korker ribbon, vintage flower, lollipop flower, and the boutique bow.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding DIY and behind the scenes blooper!

July has been a busy month of Parties! Loving every minute of all the prep work, but what I love the most is the final picture. When all the details come together for a picture perfect party!

These were the boutineers for the Grooms men. Simple, modern and chic.

The Brides dress was so elegant I wanted her flowers to match, so I tied in a little bling to add that sparkle!

The setting was so beautiful there wasn't much I had to do to make it anymore beautiful. The ceremony took place facing the Lake. Set with a stage and an arch way. The arch was a DIY project made from PVC pipe and two buckets of concrete. Draped it with tuling, then added flower arrangements and ribbon. I LOVED the little lanterns that lined the isle. I dressed them up with flowers and ribbon, dropped some rose petals and operation ceremony decor was complete!

Another DIY project, were the table number holders. These can be used with dual purpose, add a wire or use as a chalk board. I started with a wood post, had Home Depot cut them into blocks. Then drilled a small hole at the top.
Painted them black...

Then glued an alligator clip to a stick of wire.
Whala~ table no. holders.
Because the brides maids dresses had a sliver shimmer to them, we wanted to tie in something "silver" so I decided to add some "bling" to the napkins that would be on the table. These were a month in the making! I think in the end I did over 300 of them... I'm not sure if it was the gluing and cutting that I like so much or just the fact that I loved all the glitter! The funniest part was I got the most compliments on these by teenage girls! They loved them... made me think this would be a fun detail for a sweet 16 party!! Again... super easy to make. I cut up paper towel holders spray painted them silver, then mod podged them, dipped them in glitter, then sealed them with acrylic gloss spray to keep the glitter from falling off.

Here is my blooper! It never fails! There is always something I miss until after the party is over. This one is still bugging me!! If you look closely at this lovely picture you'll see a typo on the date. Mind you this picture was on display all evening for 300 guest to look at! I printed this off serveral times took it to staples and had them alter it two times. I set it up at the wedding, took several pictures of it, had discussions over it and even gave it to the mother of the groom! I never once noticed the extra zero, till I posted the picture today! All I can do is laugh at it now... Reality is... there will always be a flaw somewhere cause I'm far from perfect!

All in all it was a beautiful wedding and I was thrilled to be apart of it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Lauren!
We had 6 adorable girls for the ice cream party today.
I wanted a vintage chic feel, though I'm not so sure that's what I got. I think in the end it was more "pretty country chic." I still loved the color scheme of the yellow, cobolt blue and red polka dot accents. Over all it was a perfect party, great weather, and cute group of girls!

We planted little flowers in our polka dot pots.

Goodie bags!

Mini ice cream cupcakes

Mason jar cups.

I found these PERFECT plates at Target. They had the same flower as the invitations!

Mason jars with wire hanging hooks make for cute flower vases.